Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sex changes - blessing others

General authorities have a lot to say about the innate qualities of women and their divinely appointed role here on earth. What happens if we flip the sexes in what they have to say about the topic? Do we have a nonsensical statement because the logic is gender dependent, or do we end up with a statement that still agrees with LDS thought because gender is irrelevant?

"Prepare yourselves to ennoble, to enrich, and to become the heart and soul of the home. You may bless others either as fathers or as legislators; as leaders in the schoolroom or in the laboratory of truth; at the hearth or at the crib side." Russell M. Nelson, "Daughters of Zion," Young Women New Era, Nov. 1985, 5.

This to me sounds exactly like what the LDS Church requires of men. Changing the addressees from women to men is insignificant here. Maybe the Church needs to stop perpetuating this nonsensical gendering. 

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