Monday, July 6, 2015

Temple prep - New Era "Feeling the Spirit more Abundantly"

Ashley Tuft, 20, Texas, USA
Before I went through the temple, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Because no one tells you. It's secret. I read the booklet Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple and took a temple preparation class. Neither of which told you jack shit because the temple is too secret. That helped me be more prepared for receiving my own endowment. I can't imagine how. It certainly doesn't tell you what to expect. When I went to the temple for the first time, I was not nervous like I thought I would be, because I felt peace. I had the opposite experience. I went in confident and became increasingly nervous and humiliated as the charade of madness progressed. The temple workers were all very friendly and made sure I knew where to go the whole time I was at the temple. Friendly, yes, but they only tell you what you have to do as you have to do it.
During the endowment, I made covenants with my Father in Heaven and in return was promised many beautiful blessings and gifts of knowledge. Beautifully vague promises (it makes it easier for you to "discover" them later on). Like other ordinances, including baptism, the endowment ordinance is very symbolic. Mormon symbolism is the most profound. Before I went through the endowment session, a temple worker told me that I may have many questions by the end of the session. Did you? What were they? Because there are so many symbols, it’s impossible to understand everything at once. That’s why I think it’s so important to return to the temple as often as possible. Polly want a cracker? Did anyone explain the symbolism during the subsequent visits? Did you have a nice detailed talk about Freemasonry? No.
Since I’ve been to the temple, I’ve felt the Spirit more abundantly in my life. Feelings are awesome! I’ve felt the words that I heard in the temple sink into my heart, and I know that if I do all that I covenanted with my Heavenly Father to do, then I will be blessed. Aren't they the same things you promised at baptism? This ordinance has helped me understand how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each individual person, because we are taught in the temple how to be happy. What? We are? You mean by learning how to banish Satan and await "further light and knowledge from Father"? Well, y'know, if it make you happy...

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