Saturday, October 19, 2013

True science

Growing up Mormon I learned that God was the Ultimate Scientist; He used science to make the Universe and uses it still to carry out miracles. What we know of science now is unfortunately little more than the grossest approximation to the kind of scientific knowledge God possesses.

The understanding of man is nothing next to the understanding of God, but thank God He's bestowed upon us such wonderful truths as our dire need for repentance and baptism, both of which are infinitely more important than any silly vaccine or some pointless taxonomy of life on our planet. I mean think about it, we all know that illness and pestilence come about because of our disobedience to God and that life on earth began in the Garden and spread from there. We don't even need science. Ok, I'm done being facetious. 

Here's a serious question: when has science ever confirmed the explanations of the natural world offered in the Standard Works? The Book of Mormon has that silly verse about how the earth revolving around the Sun, but the fact that the BoM shows up long after the scientific debate on the heliocentricity of our solar system makes Joseph Smith and his Nephi character (no, this is one of the other Nephis) look like a regular Johnny-come-lately.

Pairing up science with the Gospel was an obvious lost cause from the get go, but I did my best to remind myself that my brain was just too tiny to understand how revelation and science work together and that my heart yearned too impatiently to see the pieces fit. For years I put the issue on hold and trusted my faith.

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