Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Miracles - out miracled

 It's hard not to wonder where God is in your life when everyone else seems to have really awesome miracle stories and your church's just kind of suck. I met a man once who had a dream of two skyscrapers covered in fireballs a mere two days before 9/11. Admittedly the guy didn't know what the dream "meant", but why the hell didn't our true prophet Gordon have that dream so one of his sidekicks could interpret it? Then there was a guy who saw God and got his symbol (apparently a phoenix or a peacock) tattooed on his back. Not even our highest priests hanging out in the Holies of Holies discussing who doesn't get the Priesthood next dare say they saw something as miniscule as the imprint in the carpet from Jesus' feet. Buddhists have found Buddha's permanently impressed in rocks!

We've got nothing. We have lost car keys showing up. We have avoided accidents. We manage to find our soul mates from the Pre-Existence. We like to think we get weather on demand. We get well-blessed food. We maybe have really weird old women bearing testimony about feeling the presence of a ghost in the temple. We don't have many healings. It's all pretty meh.

God, at least send us some seagulls to save save our picnics from ants and yellow jackets. We're just not impressing anyone these days.

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