Saturday, November 9, 2013

The temple - loud laughter

Maybe the biggest WTF moment my first time through the temple came when I was required to promise to AVOID LOUD LAUGHTER. It's true, no loud laughter for Mormons. Why? Who the fuck even knows. My dad tried to tell me it had to do with ridiculing others, to which I say "OK, then why don't they just tell us to not mock and ridicule others?"

I tried really hard to understand why loud laughter would make God so unhappy. We all know Mary Poppins despises laughter, but we also know how much we all hate that feisty bitch. Obviously I was missing something because I couldn't recall any Mormons I knew avoiding loud laughter, not even in my family, and Lord knows I never felt evil for laughing. 

Whoever paints these laughing Jesi is clearly a covenant breaker.
But I doubted this doubt too. I did.