Friday, November 29, 2013

Scarcity of prophecy

Curious people would ask missionary me "So you have a living prophet who speaks with Jesus? Great! What has Jesus asked your prophet to share with us? What prophecies has the prophet given us?"

My typical response was that the inquirer should have us over so we could talk about it, or that he or she should come sit in on a session of General Conference, or that we had a great video we could show them, but in my heart of hearts I was a little worried. I knew as well as anyone that not only were the prophets and apostles vague as shit when it came to new information for the entire Church membership, but also that actual revelations and contact with heavenly beings had grown pretty scarce.

Angel wrestling, once an important prophetic activity. Joseph Smith got to sword fight.

I thought we needed these guys more than ever, so why do they not live up to their office? It seems they could magnify their callings a bit. Dare I wonder if our dear leaders actually talk to Jesus, the head of the Church, simply because they never tell me what's on Jesus' mind?

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