Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles - "modern-day miracles"

I couldn't help but cringe every time a "modern-day miracle" was announced. Over one-hundred operating temples throughout the world! A million members in Mexico! The inactivity rate hitting 75%! Hooray! The Work is true, the Work is true!

Modern-day miracles not only sucked in comparison to scriptural and early saint miracles because they were the were boring (no dead raised? no seas parted? fire from the sky to burn an offering? no blind healed? no angels from beyond the Veil? damn.), they were disturbing because they were all so corporate-feeling and un-Christ-like. Modern-day miracles are all about the Church's growth though hidden under the guise of "making blessing available".

Think of all the modern-day miracles Apple has had over the past years. I'm starting to think Apple is probably an even truer church than Jesus Christ's.

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