Monday, November 25, 2013


This doubt takes me back many, many years to when I was in elementary school. I remember learning about how the atoms that make up our body are in constant flux and are constantly being replaced. Physically our bodies are not the same matter for even a single year and are almost completely composed of entirely new atoms in just over a year. The way I understood this was that my body was never really my body. I have no permanent body.

So I had to wonder what exactly gets to be called me and resurrected. I remember thinking about this almost every time I passed a cemetery. What's left of these physical bodies? What atoms count as their bodies? How is it that those atoms will reunite to reform the living, perfected body?

It wasn't long before I concluded that it didn't matter which atoms made up our body and that upon being resurrected the necessary elements would magically be whisked and whirled together to form our perfect body basically like Beast's transformation at the end of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It was going to be awesome!

You might be wondering how I doubted the mechanics of resurrection rather than the idea of the dead coming back to life. What can I say? I was truly a child of faith.

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