Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Primitive Church

Mormons are so proud to claim they have the same church that Jesus started way back in the day. I was told my whole life that God had restored his church through Joseph Smith so that everything was accounted for - all the ordinances, all the teachings, all the offices, all the miracles. We Mormons had the whole package and everyone else was just clutching at straws.

But it didn't take much observation to realize we had kind of fucked with things a bit. For starters, where did the two counselors in the First Presidency come from? That shit ain't biblical. And what happened to the prophetesses? I think I read about a prophetess or two in the Bible.

So hang on. Do our church people do what the biblical people did? It's easy enough to look up what these Primitive Church people were likely all about.

Deacon/deaconess - a servant, helper, underling
Teacher - a title for Jesus
Priest - Old Testament office
Elder - a bishop
High priest - the head priest in a group of priests
Bishop - Jesus and later the elders
Counselor - a legal, political position
Stake President - NA
High Councilman - NA
Area Authority - NA
Seventy (Evangelist) - anyone sharing the Gospel
Apostle - a delegate, i.e. a missionary
Prophet - so Old Testament
Prophetess - an inspired poetic woman

This doesn't really sound anything like Mormonism, it sounds kind of old and out of date. Are we sure we're the same church that Jesus established? I'm kind of having some doubts.

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