Monday, December 9, 2013

Prove me wrong!

Years before the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster made an appearance in this dark and dreary world, I was challenged to prove that there was not an invisible Monkey in the Sky creating all the weather on Earth.

To be fair, the man asking me and my companion to prove his sky monkey wasn't real initially had no intention of ruining my day, I was the one who insisted we talk things over. It wasn't long before I was pissing him off big time and he came back at me with the sky monkey. Could I disprove him? He swears that when he asks the Monkey for good weather he gets it the same way I get answers to prayers when I pray to Heavenly Father. How can I take his facetious belief and show him the reality of God?

How? How? How can I prove to him that the Mormon Word is worth more than his Monkey Word? What can I say to show him that he's being an ass and I'm serving the Everlasting? What? What? What...

God, help me! .... No?

Monkey, if thou truly art in heaven...

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