Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blind leading the blind

Mormon stake presidents, bishops, and branch presidents, just like the vast majority of Mormon clergy, receive essentially no practical training when it comes to their very sticky counseling duties. With little more than a secret rule book, a few life lines, and good intentions, lay Mormon leadership the world over take to advising and guiding in matters they often have no experience in and no professional competency. What results are endless stories of bad advice given to members by their ecclesiastical leaders that will either make you laugh or cry or both. The material's good enough for a parody blog all its own. The joke has been made that if the Church were not true the missionaries (the Mormon clergy with perhaps the most formal training) would have ruined it years ago. The truth is that the well-intended stake presidents, bishops, and branch presidents have never needed any help destroying the lives and faith of their congregations.

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