Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waiting downstairs (or outside)

Getting married in the temple means that the only people who will be at your wedding will be those members of your family and friends who have gone through the temple endowment and currently hold a temple recommend. Never mind the fact that no one, apart from the couple getting married, is actually required to do anything comparable to making a covenant. Okay, so there is the issue of seeing the couple take take each other in the "Patriarchal Grip, or the Sure Sign of the Nail" hand grip and maybe having to explain what the hell that is to non-member friends and family, but can't we get around that by simply telling the couple before they enter the sealing room that when they are instructed to hold hands across they alter they need to do the "Sure Sign" thing? I bet no one who wasn't already informed would even notice.

A story of no fun.

I guess there's also the issue of the couple wearing the temple clothes. Those might be hard to explain to the uninitiated. Then again, can't we give our family and closest friends the benefit of the doubt that they will respect our religion and our choice to participate in it?

Or, if we don't want to caste such Mormon pearls before unsympathetic swine, why don't we have civil marriages for all followed by temple sealings for the Mormons? Holy shit! That might actually work!

And really no one, especially not God, would be offended.

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