Monday, June 16, 2014

Hanna S. Ells Benbow(?) (Smith) - wife #28

Hanna Ells (March 4, 1813 - ca. 1845) was an English woman who was living in Philadephia and making money as a seamstress before moving out to Nauvoo with the saints. She set up her own dressmaking business there. 

Hanna married Joseph Smith in the first half of 1843. Shortly after Joseph's death, she also died. It seems they had no children.

John Benbow later told of Josesph frequently visiting his wife "Hannah." Is this our Hanna? Was she married? Did John know what Joseph was up to? Wilford Woodruff did. He wrote of climbing to the top of the unfinished Nauvoo temple and invoking vengeance on behalf of Joseph, Hanna's husband. Not the most Christlike thing to pray for, I know.

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