Saturday, June 7, 2014

Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde (Smith) - wife #11

Marinda Johnson (June 28, 1815 - March 24, 1886) joined the Church with her family at age 15. Three years later she was courted by soon-to-be-apostle Orson Hyde. They were married in 1834 and within months Orson was off on a series of missions leaving Marinda and their two children all to their young lonesomeness. The Hydes moved to Nauvoo in 1839 where they had another child.

Then, in April of 1840, Orson was sent to Jerusalem. He was gone for three years leaving his family to suffer financially as well as emotionally. Two years into Orson's Jerusalem mission, Marinda married Joseph Smith. Orson probably didn't know about it before it happened, but within a year of his wife's marriage to Joseph, he also entered polygamy marrying two more women.

Two of Marinda's children Frank Henry and Orson Washington, though they were given the Hyde family name, could have been Joseph's.

Marinda and Orson would stay together for another 27 years - Marinda bearing seven more children and Orson marrying seven more women - until their divorce in 1870.

Such is the bliss of celestial marriage.

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