Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letter to God

Please forgive my brother Lucifer for he knoweth not what he's doing. I know Thou art an angered because Luc made an early power grab and that's why he's now Thy arch nemesis, but we all know that Thou willeth kick his ass, no contest. Seriously, how is this even a contest? How is Thy rivalry with Thy son Lucifer (a.k.a. Morning Star) not one of the silliest rivalries in the existence of the Universe? The conflict between You is as absurd as a grown man arm wrestling a toddler. Maybe worse. A toddler might think he can win against a grown man though he will surely lose, but consider the fact that the grown man isn't even all powerful. Thou art! None can match Thee, oh Father. Luc might think he can, but we all know he can't. Stop holding his pride against him. Be the Bigger Man and forgive him of his infantile ways.

In the name of Oily Josh, amen.

Morning Star and Oily Josh offering Cloud Pappy a little entertainment.

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