Friday, May 2, 2014

CTR rings

LDS children who attend Primary are given a very special gift: a ring designed to help remind them to make good choices.

The acronym stands for Choose the Right. You just crimp this beauty around your young finger and you'll be shielded from from the Devil and his evil angels. Primary doesn't get much cooler than that CTR ring. And it's awesome to get something tangible from the Church that isn't a paper you colored on.

Maybe that's why LDS teens and adults can't give up the CTR ring wearing thing. They're nostalgic for the days of physical gifts in the form of a magic-feeling ring instead of the adult situation of really boring talks and lessons and refreshments you have to prepare yourself. Nothing will make you feel better than a CTR ring with (fake) diamonds. It's like the awesomeness of Primary amped up by marriage-likeness and the joy of pretending you have some serious Disney princess bling! So good!

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